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Tiptapp is a new way of moving things around. By using our app, people don’t need to own a car, but can instead have their stuff moved in a smarter and more sustainable way. And by giving people a simpler way to recycle and also reuse things through our platform, Tiptapp also enables a better circularity.

Our app matches you in real-time to other users that have extra space in their car and who have time to give your stuff a ride from a to b. You get instant help with deliveries, moves and recycling of items of any size.

Tiptapp launched in Stockholm in 2016. There are now over 200,000 users in the greater Stockholm area and our users love our product (NPS score of 79!). We have also begun our international expansion (in London and Lisbon), but we are just at the beginning. Despite the situation with Covid, the demand for Tiptapp’s services is growing and we are proud to say that we are cash-flow positive since the beginning of 2020! 

We have global ambitions and there are a ton of things to do so we need more talents to join our remote-first team!


  • Pension plan
  • 30 days vacation
  • Stay-healthy subsidiary (500€/year)
  • Flexible work hours
  • Remote first work (we use WeWork in Stockholm as our extra hub for those in need)
  • Work with a team that is obsessed with innovation and iteration
  • Be part of a company that has a real impact on the environment as well as the society

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Lead Android Developer
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The Team Spirit

The Tiptapp journey started  in late 2015 and we have accomplished quite a lot in a short period of time. And we aren't just building yet another app. We're creating a new behaviour. We're making people do things that wasn't possible before Tiptapp. And our users love us for it. We as a team love to create new things. We love questioning status quo. Nothing is impossible. And we believe you as our new team member do that as well. 
As we are building a top tier start-up team we are of course really picky with values, inter-personal skills, and personality traits in general. Therefore we usually say we're looking for friends, people you want to hang out with, to have fun with and to create magic together with!
We also believe the secret ingredient in any successful startup is to work focused and to cherish the differences within the team and utilise its common strengths. This means not only that we’ll have fun every day but also that we’ll accomplish something far beyond the ordinary.